cor|rup|tion «kuh RUHP shuhn», noun.
1. a) the act of making, or the process of being made, evil or wicked: »

the corruption of an honest man.

SYNONYM(S): debasement. b) evil conduct; wickedness: »

... corruption never has been compulsory (Robinson Jeffers).

SYNONYM(S): baseness, depravity. c) a corrupting influence; thing that causes corruption.
2. bribery; dishonesty: »

The police force must be kept free from corruption. For many years protests over corruption failed to dim his popularity with the voters (Newsweek).

3. a corrupt practice; an instance of perversion or impurity.
4. a) a changing in meaning or form or a deviating from the standard of language usage or of a reading of a manuscript: »

the corruption of a translated passage or text, the corruption of a dialect by the influence of tourism and television.

b) an instance of this; a corrupt form of a word: »

“Nite” is a slang corruption of “night.”

5. rot; decay.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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